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Julie Symonds

A Culture of Caring Part 1: Managing Your Team in a Work from Home World

Not too long ago, the concept of “working from home” was out of reach for the majority of Americans. Resources didn’t allow for the flexibility needed, managers lacked the verification processes required to prove that productivity could happen at home, and, in many verticals, culture didn’t deem it necessary. Much like the open floor plan vs cubicle debate, data could be compiled to support either camp.

Nervous pencil

COVID-19: Free E-commerce Support for Retailers in Need.

The Refinery has felt our share of economic struggle over the last 19 years. I started the company in 2001 during the recession that followed 9/11. My partner Dave joined the company in 2005 and together we also weathered the 2008 financial crisis. In moments like those, hope and determinism aren’t always enough to get through. The only way our business survived was because of the generous support and mentorship that we received from our local business community here in Cleveland.

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Joe Bencar

How to Increase Your E-commerce Conversions & Sales

As any business owner or marketing manager who deals with e-commerce knows, increasing website conversions and sales is vital to the growth and success of the company. It’s an obvious statement. What’s not as obvious is how to increase conversions. This in-depth guide will show you, step-by-step, how to increase conversions on your e-commerce store.