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Customer centric
Joe Bencar

What is Customer-Centric Web Design & Why Is It So Important?

People that are unable to identify what a company actually does, or if they grow frustrated while trying to find out more information about how said company might be able to solve their problem, will likely leave. So how do you make sure this won't happen to your site?

Lighthouse analytics
Joe Bencar

Walkthrough of a Google Lighthouse Report

In a recent post I reviewed Google Lighthouse, how it works, and what each of the 4 different scores measure. Using that information, I am going to walk you through an example report so you can see what the information looks like as well as give some possible solutions to any issues that Lighthouse uncovers.

Google lighthouse 04
Joe Bencar

How to Improve Search Engine Ranking in 2021 Using Google Lighthouse

Google continuously makes changes to its algorithm throughout the year, but the first quarter of 2021 should bring some major updates to the core criteria regarding how websites will be scored and ranked in search results. With that being said, how do you think your website will measure up?