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How to Increase Website Traffic & Sales with Videos

A well thought out and professionally executed video strategy can be a game changer for any company. People love to watch videos to get information they need, to learn something new, to help them decide whether or not to make a purchase, and obviously just for the entertainment. I mean, when have you scrolled through your Facebook or Instagram feed and not checked out a video?

E-commerce SEO & How to Increase Organic Traffic

Building a strong SEO foundation will give search engines the information they need to determine how relevant your content is compared to what a user is searching for. Giving search engines this information will increase the changes your web pages rank at the top of the search results for the key terms related to your business, services and products.

Should You Refine or Redesign?

For any regional or national brand, a website redesign is a substantial project on many fronts. It can take months, even years, of fine tuning design elements, content and messaging to get a website in the proper state for optimal conversions. Rebuilds involve designing, developing, copywriting, IT, security, branding, user experience, get the picture. These projects can easily stretch into six figure investments (often higher for large enterprises). As such, it warrants the “time needed to do it right” approach, which often takes a year or more to complete.

A Culture of Caring Part 2: Managing Your Newly Remote Team in Unprecedented Times

Many of us had no idea that our work worlds would be turned upside down when we first heard “Covid-19” on the news. Yet here we are now, trying desperately to adjust to “new normal”. If you’re a manager, there’s the added pressure of finding a way through the clutter and leading your team in a productive way, so that work can still get done. It’s daunting to say the least, especially considering the amount of distractions around us.

A Culture of Caring Part 1: Managing Your Team in a Work from Home World

Not too long ago, the concept of “working from home” was out of reach for the majority of Americans. Resources didn’t allow for the flexibility needed, managers lacked the verification processes required to prove that productivity could happen at home, and, in many verticals, culture didn’t deem it necessary. Much like the open floor plan vs cubicle debate, data could be compiled to support either camp.

COVID-19: Free E-commerce Support for Retailers in Need.

The Refinery has felt our share of economic struggle over the last 19 years. I started the company in 2001 during the recession that followed 9/11. My partner Dave joined the company in 2005 and together we also weathered the 2008 financial crisis. In moments like those, hope and determinism aren’t always enough to get through. The only way our business survived was because of the generous support and mentorship that we received from our local business community here in Cleveland.

How to Increase Your E-commerce Conversions & Sales

As any business owner or marketing manager who deals with e-commerce knows, increasing website conversions and sales is vital to the growth and success of the company. It’s an obvious statement. What’s not as obvious is how to increase conversions. This in-depth guide will show you, step-by-step, how to increase conversions on your e-commerce store.

Supporting Your Team When They’re Working Remotely

The status of the Coronavirus has now reached the level of a pandemic. Major sports leagues, concerts, schools and businesses are all shutting down as a precautionary measure to stop the spread of this virus. This means that, if it hasn’t happened already, employees will likely be working remotely.

Use Brand Story to Build Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is earned by telling a brand story that emotionally resonates with your customers. We all have our favorite brands in fashion, technology, food, cars, etc. In this article we’ll break down what makes customers loyal to a brand, how you can position your own brand to earn that loyalty, and how to improve the design of your e-commerce store to capitalize on it.

Safari to Limit SSL/TLS Certificate Validity to One Year

On February 19th of this year, Apple made a fairly big announcement during a face-to-face meeting of the CA/Browser Forum (CA/B Forum). This forum is where the industry standards group convenes, and it consists mainly of certificate authorities as well as several of the major browsers.