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Joe Bencar

10 Ecommerce Holiday Planning Tips for 2020

The year 2020 has been a crazy one to say the least. Covid-19, masks, social distancing, businesses closing, and the list goes on. Many businesses have been hit hard this year, especially ones that traditionally sell their products in physical stores. This has made the need for user-friendly ecommerce stores even more important.

Refinery Blog Buyer Persona
Joe Bencar

How to Create Buyer Personas to Better Understand Your Customers

If you’re selling products or promoting services you offer online, you likely have a good idea who your customers are. This article isn’t so much about learning who your customers are, but how to get a deeper understanding of them so you can improve their experience, your communication with them, and how you meet their needs.

2020 digital shelf virtual summit session
Joe Bencar

2020 Digital Shelf Virtual Summit Session

Our CEO, Josh Walsh, was invited to take part in a conversation with Salsify as part of their Digital Shelf Institute, the virtual alternative to their annual e-commerce conference.

Scott Sommers, the VP of Insights & Innovation at Shurtech (the makers of Duck Tape), also joined in the conversation with Josh. Shurtech has been a client of The Refinery for many years, and Salsify is a key tool we use to execute their direct-to-consumer strategy.