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Are customers getting lost in your online catalog?

We work with marketing professionals and their agencies to transform online product catalogs into organized, efficient, easily searchable and attractive digital shelves which turn prospects into loyal customers.

We work with marketers and their agencies to improve their online product catalogs.

Improve your catalog’s user experience, making products easier to find, review and purchase

Promote operational efficiency through custom quoting / product lookup tools

Increase ecommerce conversion rate

Collect more useful and beneficial analytical data for your industry

Drive more qualified people to your website

Increase repeat business from both new and existing customers

Focus on ease of use

Sync your data with your ERP

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Do you fully understand your Path to Purchase? We can help.

Path to Purchase Map


Measure the effectiveness of your current efforts against our proven path to purchase map.


Discuss your strengths and weaknesses and strategize about how you can capitalize on them.


Build new features and functionality that will drive your strategy forward.

“I've worked with a lot of different vendors and partners in my career. I definitely think their account management, attention to detail and customer service is one of the best I've ever seen.”

Lisa Hudak
Duck Brands - Senior Digital Marketing Manager

What makes our approach so different?

Do you know where your lost sales are going? We use our proven Path to Purchase map, continuously evaluating your website across dozens of criteria which are critical to your success. Throughout this process, we identify opportunities to capitalize on your strengths, improve any weaknesses in your customer journey, and fill in the functional gaps your users are experiencing.

Beyond just strategic insights, The Refinery will give you an actionable plan of prioritized projects for success. Our team will then work with your internal team and/or agency to execute each of these projects.

Learn more about our approach.

What’s My Investment?

What are lost sales costing you daily? Monthly? Annually? How many potential opportunities are you missing out on because people can't find you? How much are you spending on ineffective marketing strategies? How many people visit your website without ever making a purchase?

A lack of insight could be costing you a great deal.

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