Our Work

Learn how we’ve been helping companies make strategic and purpose driven changes to their business to create enormous value.

A sample image of our work for Shurtech

Digital Agency of Record for Their 4 National Brands

We are the digital agency of record for Shurtech, managing websites for their four national brands. During our tenure with Shurtech, we’ve successfully completed various projects for them including the implementation of a mature CMS, UX research / persona interviews, information architecture and marketing automation.

A sample image of our work for Cleveland Clinic

Helping Doctors Diagnose Autism

In partnership with The Cleveland Clinic, The Refinery prototyped, designed, developed and launched new technology to aid doctors in the diagnosis and treatment of autism in children.

The success of this project was achieved through real-time evaluation of biometric data from the patient in a clinical setting.

A sample image of our work for Oatey

Design & Development of Custom B2B Sales Portal

Oatey came back to us to design and develop a new, custom B2B sales portal for their reps who were out in the field in order to help improve their efficiency, productivity, and ultimately sales.

A sample image of our work for DealerTire

Custom CMS Backend & Consumer Knowledge Website Build

DealerTire is a revolutionary in how consumers purchase tires for their vehicles. Our team was able to implement a brand new CMS backend for their D2C marketplace, which focused on efficiency and making their operations more productive. In addition, we completed a technical implementation of a new customer knowledge website with the goal of enhancing their customer’s experience and improving customer brand loyalty.

A sample image of our work for Hawk Performance

Design, Development & Branding of Their First Flagship Website

Hawk Performance creates and sells top-tier automotive braking systems designed high performance. We designed and developed their e-commerce website, focusing on accentuating their well-known brand in the automotive industry. In addition to designing and developing their flagship website, we included customer-focused ecommerce functionality, a complex vehicle selector and ERP integration.

A sample image of our work for OEConnection

Strategic Website Design & UX Improvement

OEC is the automotive industry leader in technology solutions that help dealers sell more original equipment parts. Our team designed a new website for OEC, which we implemented on CraftCMS. To improve user experience, we restructured much of the content on the site to focus on OEC’s products and solutions. After OEC acquired a company in the UK, we did further restructuring to incorporate the new addition.

A sample image of our work for HolacracyOne

Website Redesign Focused on Branding & Messaging

HolacracyOne is the company spearheading the development of the Holacracy framework. We worked with HolacracyOne redesigning the website so they would be able to better communicate what Holacracy is, how it works and how the company can help, as well as allows users to easily research helpful resources.

A sample image of our work for Lynn University

Large Scale Website Development & Maintenance

Our team was brought in to develop and maintain Lynn U’s new website, which was based on designs they had done in-house. We chose to build the website on CraftCMS due to how large and technically sophisticated the project was. Since project completion, we have continued working with Lynn U for several years maintaining, supporting and improving the website. Our latest project was upgrading the site to Craft 3, the newest version of the CMS.

A sample image of our work for vLoan

Creating a lending platform for a new type of borrower

vLoan, now re-branded as Union Home Mortgage, approached us with a project would require us to fully understand who their target audience and customer base were. Their goal was to build a mortgage lending platform that would appeal to millennials, a group that traditionally prefers to educate themselves. This project involved strategic research, planning and persona creation, as well as quality development and design in order to make it a success.

A sample image of our work for Case Western Reserve University

Web Design & Development with Interactive User Submission System

Case Western Reserve University is a well-known higher education institution located in Cleveland. They came to us to design and build a new website that would promote global sustainability goal, named Aim2Flourish. This project required us to build a custom interactive submission system so users could submit their flourishing stories. Submissions would be put through an approval / editorial workflow at CWRU.

A sample image of our work for OnSolve

User Interface Application Development & UI Pattern Library Design

OnSolve provides industry leading cloud-based communication and collaboration tools for every critical event. OnSolve came to us through the acquisition of our former client, One Call Now, for whom we fundamentally redesigned the UI for their primary application. We streamlined the application’s functionality for sending messages, primarily in emergency situations. We were hired by OnSolve to continue working on the application by designing a UI pattern library as well as to build a new product that promoted brand consistency.

A sample image of our work for Virtual Hold Technology

Complex Data Application Development for SaaS Product

VHT is a leader in voice and digital callback solutions which assist companies in improving their customer service initiatives. Our developers worked with VHT to design and build a complex application for data dashboards, reporting structures and product configuration on top of their existing SaaS product. In addition, our team also completed a massive, multi-year project that consisted of implementing new user interface design patterns and standards.

A sample image of our work for Nutrien

User Interface Design for Internal Company Portal

Nutrien is the world's largest provider of crop inputs, services and solutions. While working with Nutrien, we designed an easy-to-use, efficient user interface for “The Feed”, a new internal company portal for their employees.

A sample image of our work for Ohio Travel Bag

Ecommerce Website Analysis & Redesign

Ohio Travel Bag is a leading distributor of luggage parts and accessories. Their team came to us for advice about how they could breathe new life into their site. They ultimately were looking for assistance in increasing online sales metrics and improving the experience customers were having on their outdated website. After analyzing Ohio Travel Bag’s customers and their behavior, we overhauled the design, focusing on ease of use, simplicity and a clear path to convert.

A sample image of our work for Ring (an Amazon Company)

Ecommerce Customer Analysis & Optimal Path to Purchase Design

Mr. Beams is a provider of more than 30 different lighting solutions focused on home safety, security and convenience. In order to help Mr. Beams provide a better customer experience and increase their ecommerce sales / conversions, our team redesigned key elements of their website including product pages, marketing pages and the homepage. In December of 2018, Mr. Beams was acquired by Ring, a division of Amazon.

A sample image of our work for Oatey

Online Catalog Design / Development & Rebranding

Oatey has been in business for over a century, providing reliable, high-quality products for the residential and commercial plumbing industries. We analyzed their customers Path to Purchase and designed a new online catalog for their Canadian division, which included a rebrand of a company they acquired (Master’s) to match Oatey’s current brand.

Healthcare & Medical Industry

Custom Healthcare Software & Applications

We work with top tier hospitals and medical organizations to develop custom software and portal solutions, focusing on security, efficiency and ease of use.