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Redesigning a robust application for a growing company.


SEAM Group is focused on optimizing asset safety, reliability, and maintenance for more than 500 active clients operating in multiple industries and markets around the world.


SEAM Group partnered with The Refinery to craft an enhanced user experience and eliminate pain points they’d gathered from their users.


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Understanding the Problem

SEAM Group provides thorough and complete inspections of factories and facilities to ensure every piece of equipment are deemed safe, reliable and efficient. They offer suggestions on how and when to fix equipment, and also give estimates backed by data regarding the remaining lifespan of machines being used. They differentiate themselves from competitors by testing every piece of equipment or machine, not just the ones having issues. This can save their customers a lot of money by proactively fixing issues before they become bigger problems.

SEAM Group wanted to create an enhanced experience for their employees and customers who use their ViewPoint software. In addition to a backlog of new feature requests, there were several smaller pain points that we wanted to help them address.

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Key Solutions

We worked with SEAM Group’s product team to review and digest takeaways from stakeholder and user interviews. Some of the largest pain points we heard were that users wanted to see their problem areas surfaced to the top level as they became available so they could either be tackled immediately or prioritized for future maintenance. Knowing this was among other key issues, we began digging into the current nav structure and iterating on a new site map detailing where we could help address those concerns. Once a solid structure was agreed on, we began turning out wireframes. This ran for several weeks and was tested and validated before moving into high fidelity designs using Adobe XD.

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Final Results & Takeaways

In the end, we were able to use our final designs to run through a last round of user testing to rave reviews both internally and externally. We packaged up the files and assets along with a Sidecar Design System to hand off to the developers at SEAM Group. We are periodically running Design QA sessions to ensure the product delivery continues to be successful for our new partner, SEAM Group.

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Headshot of Chris Baldwin from True Digital.

“I’ve never worked with an agency who put more time, effort and investment into our partnership than The Refinery. In every interaction, they’ve made life better for our team, and our clients.”

Chris Baldwin

True Digital - Communications - CEO

Headshot of Karl Kleinert from Intellinet.

IntelliNet is proud to have a long standing, strategic partnership with The Refinery. They share our commitment to strong business ethos, developing talented employees, and providing clients with unparalleled business results. IntelliNet and our clients have received great business outcomes on countless occasions due to their deep expertise, passion, and professionalism.

Karl Kleinert

Intellinet - CEO

Headshot of Eileen Saffran from The Gathering Place.

"It is rare to find professionals who have the full package: a compassionate heart, understand and have the ability to communicate the “why” behind an organization and remain ahead of the curve in their industry. Our staff continues to value Josh and his staff’s input and guidance all provided with the highest of standards and ethics."

Eileen Saffran

The Gathering Place - Founder and Sr. Advisor

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