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Our Approach

By comparing your product catalog against our Path to Purchase map, we can identify strategic opportunities to improve consumer engagement.

The Path to Purchase

Research, experimentation and years of experience are distilled into The Refinery’s Path to Purchase map:

This map combines a digital marketing strategy, buyer personas and a journey map, to create a framework of best practices for online catalog design. While simplified above, when considered in its full fidelity this map contains baseline metrics for key performance areas, psychological hurdles that consumers navigate when considering a purchase, and the physical steps those consumers take when proceeding with a purchase.

By comparing the implementation of an online catalog against this baseline, we can learn many things. For example, do you have an accurate understanding of your customer? Are you effectively attracting the right people with your marketing? Is a particular product converting as well as it could be? Are your loyal customers referring their friends? The answer to these, and many other questions, give great insight into opportunities to improve.

Get Discovered

Improving HOW your customers find your products

Simple question: How can customers convert if they can’t find your products?

If your Path to Purchase hasn’t been optimized for an effortless user experience, you are losing sales. The more time users spend searching unfriendly, difficult-to-navigate product catalogs, the more likely they are to leave and make their purchase(s) somewhere else. In the age of instant information and gratification, users have grown accustomed to fast and accurate results. Anything less will most likely have negative impacts on their experience, which affects business goals such as conversions, sales, KPIs and revenue.

To begin the process, we analyze your current customer journey and compared the results to our Path to Purchase Map. This helps us discover both strengths and weaknesses in how your customers find your products, and with that information, we can develop a customized strategy for improvement.

Once our strategy is set, our experts work with your team and/or agency to implement the key components that will improve how your customers find your products.

Attract and Retain

Bring qualified traffic to your store and turn them into loyal customers by utilizing an effective marketing strategy.

We realize that an effective marketing strategy doesn’t focus solely on the volume of users coming to your website. Effective marketing refers to quality over quantity, which incorporates who your target audience is, how your message resonates with them, what is important to them, and why should they choose to do business with you.

Our marketing strategies aren’t just centered around new business, though. It’s essential to have a good balance between connecting with potential new customers as well as retaining existing customers, with a goal of transitioning them into brand loyalists. We believe this is the best strategy for steady, sustainable growth.

Stay Relevant

Don’t let your product information “spoil”. Keep it updated and as fresh as possible.

Old and outdated product information causes nothing but trouble. This can lead to an increase in returned items, spikes in customer service activity and an overall poor customer experience.

Manually updating product information is cumbersome, hard to track and very inefficient. Through the analysis of your current product catalog and other systems, our experts will be able to develop a streamlined process to which they communicate with one another. This results in your customers seeing only the latest information regarding your products, greatly improving their experience.