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Our Approach

By using our research, analysis tools and experience, we will develop a strategic plan to improve your consumer engagement.

The Path to Purchase

Research, experimentation and years of experience are distilled into The Refinery’s Path to Purchase map:


    Awareness is the beginning of your customer's journey and the first touchpoint you have with them. Now's the time to grab the user's attention and act as their guide.

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    Now that your users are aware of what you are offering, it’s time for them to consider their options. This is where ease-of-use and brand messaging plays a huge role! If you can positively connect with users and give them an easy way to convert, there’s a much better chance that they will do so.

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    If your users have come this far, don’t push them away with unneeded obstacles or complicated processes. At this point, conversions are your to lose. Fixing blockers in the conversion phase can show fantastic results.

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    Raving Fans

    In this last step, it’s all about continuing the customer experience. Although conversions are nice, creating raving brand loyalists is how to build the foundation for sustained growth.

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      Putting it all together

      The basis of our Path to Purchase map can be defined with a simple formula.

      Digital Marketing + Buyer Personas + Customer Journey Analysis

      = A Website Optimally Designed for Your Customers

      A Website Optimally Designed for Your Customers



      We design and develop online catalogs websites and mobile apps.

      Cutting edge

      Cutting Edge

      Bring more customers to your store through effective marketing.

      Stay relevant

      Stay Relevant

      Keep your product information always up to date with your ERP and other systems.

      Although this is simplified, in its full fidelity, this map outlines the key performance areas, the psychological hurdles and the physical steps your customers encounter when making a purchase, submitting a form or requesting a demo.

      By comparing current customer paths with our baseline, we are able to develop a more accurate strategic plan focusing on your customers and target audience.

      Navigate the Path to Increased Conversions


      Get Discovered

      Question to ponder: Would more visitors on your website convert through an easier, more user-friendly experience, and if so, how can you make it happen?

      We believe wholeheartedly the answer is YES, through the optimization of your Path to Purchase.

      Without a proper path to purchase strategy, three major issues can cause customers to jump ship before making a purchase.

      1. Spending too much time searching through product catalogs.
      2. Inaccurate, outdated product information or search results.
      3. A difficult or complicated experience using websites or applications.

      In the Discovery Phase, we analyze your current customer journey and find both strengths and weaknesses to build a strategic plan around.

      This is only the beginning! Let's move on to Phase 2.


      Attract and Retain

      An effective marketing strategy doesn't solely focus on just website traffic. It should also include:

      • Quality visits over pure volume
      • Your target audience (Who they are and what's important to them)
      • Branding and messaging
      • Your competitive advantage(s)

      Our strategy for steady, sustainable growth

      During the Attract & Retain phase, we focus on building a balanced strategy around connecting with both new customers and existing ones. Our end goal is to transition both groups into brand loyalists.


      Stay Relevant

      Staying relevant keeps customers happy so they return to make future purchases. Through our Path to Purchase analysis, we will:

      • Develop processes to integrate with the systems you currently use
      • Keep product information updated and relevant
      • Help to decrease returned items and spikes in customer service activity

      The end result? Your customers are presented with the updated and accurate product information they expect, and your team will have more time to focus on business goals rather than having to do the work manually. It's a win-win.