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Our Approach

By using our research, analysis tools and experience, we will develop a strategic plan to improve your consumer engagement.

Our Proven Blueprint

Changes to your website should be inspired by customer data. This data educates us about what changes are necessary, and gives us clear measurements of the effectiveness of our work.

As we improve the usability, design and technical platform of the website, the following blueprint guides our work.

Overview: About Our Approach

Learn about the approach we take to achieve consistent and repeatable results. During this video we’ll share:

  • The agile principles behind our approach.

  • Our team and the different roles that are involved in each project.

  • The order and value of our Project Phases.

  • How we identify valuable activities specific to your project.

Phase 1: Build Understanding

A solid understanding of our current environment will set the stage for improvement opportunities. During this phase, we work with you to discover, understand and analyze:

  • Your company goals, current website metrics & aspirations.

  • Current struggles & pain points.

  • Order fulfillment & ERP integration.

  • Technology infrastructure, content management & ecommerce.

  • Status of SEO rankings.

Phase 2: User Experience

We start by designing the optimal journey for your customers. Building upon the analytics in Phase 1, we conduct additional research and design new concepts for improvement.

  • Developing personas for key customer audience segments.

  • Designing & optimizing customer journeys.

  • Architecting improvements to content and navigational structures.

  • Reviewing web analytics (ie. Google Analytics, Crazy Egg).

  • Gauging ecommerce analytics against industry benchmarks.

Phase 3: Design

During the design phase, we conceptualize and test potential changes to your customer experience prior to actually building them out.

  • Wireframe new page layout concepts.

  • Create design pattern libraries.

  • Full-fidelity graphic design concepts.

  • Validating design concepts through user testing.

Phase 4: Development

Software engineers follow the new design and functional specifications while they implement working improvements to the website.

  • Develop front-end user interfaces.

  • Implement content management / e-commerce platforms.

  • Integrate external products (eg. ERP, CRM, Content Syndication, Marketing Automation).

Phase 5: Continuous Improvement

Your store needs attention in order to achieve its full potential. Our team works with you to ensure your store continues to run smoothly, is properly updated, and is ready for any promotional or seasonal sales events planned in the future.

  • Analyze web and ecommerce analytics.

  • Manage SEO updates.

  • Integrate external products (eg. ERP, CRM, Content Syndication, Marketing Automation).

Meet our Practice Leads

Each area of our organization is directed by a practice lead who builds a excellence within their specialized skillset.

Dave Goerlich
Josh Walsh
Julie Symonds
Daniel Vivacqua
Project Manager
Brian Hart
Chris Violette
Matt Beltz
Sales Director
Joe Bencar
Marketing Director