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Our Approach

We work with your team to develop a strategic plan to implement the optimal technology solution your company needs

Our Proven Process for Development

Whether your organization is in need of a more efficient internal application, a more engaging, user-friendly web application for your customers, or custom software, we will help you create an optimal plan (including an RFP) so you can find the best partner to implement it.

Phase 1

SRE (Solution Refinement Engagement)

This is where every project begins.

  1. We meet with your team to get all the information we can regarding the problem you seek to resolve or the opportunity you're looking to take advantage of.
  2. We take that information and our team of technology experts review all the possible solutions so we are able to plan around the optimal one.
  3. The final result is a detailed document outlining everything that needs to be done. This includes an RFP so you can find the right company to implement it, whether it's our team or not.

Learn more about how we're fixing the broken IT process with our Solution Refinement Engagement

Phase 2

Design & Development

If you choose us to implement your new SRE from Phase 1, we start with the design, then move on to development. This phase can include:

  • Wireframe concepts.

  • Create design pattern libraries.

  • Full-fidelity graphic design concepts.

  • Validating design concepts through user testing.

  • Develop front-end user interfaces.

  • Implement content management platforms.

  • Integrate external systems (eg. ERP, CRM, Marketing Automation, Inventory Management, EHR Platforms).

Phase 3


Software engineers vigorously test your newly created software or web application and iron out any bugs or issues to ensure your new digital asset works as it should from Day 1.

  • Test front-end user interfaces.

  • Test content management operations.

  • Test integrations with external systems (eg. ERP, CRM, Marketing Automation, Inventory Management, EHR Platforms).

  • Test usability and all functionality.

Phase 4

Continued Support

Our team continues to work with you to ensure everything keeps running smoothly.

  • Manage updates.

  • Integrate external systems (eg. ERP, CRM, Content Syndication, Marketing Automation, Inventory Management, EHR Platforms).

Meet our Practice Leads

Each area of our organization is directed by a practice lead who builds a excellence within their specialized skillset.

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