The Refinery - Cleveland Web Design Firm

The Refinery E-Commerce Platform

Our platform combines the experience of our veteran team members, with best-in-class software and services, to bring a robust, DIY, e-commerce platform to the enterprise.

As Your Agency, Our Job Is To Empower You

That's a bold statement if you've worked with an agency before. We bring strategy, coordination, and execution to the table. But, unlike other agencies, we believe in the importance of empowering you to control your own destiny.

People are a component of our platform

Lean Processes

Our experienced team is made up of strategists, researchers, designers, developers, copywriters, and marketers.

The Refinery uses an Agile methodology, called Scrum, to measure and manage the timing and costs of the project.

Strategy is a component of our platform

Strategic Direction

We're good at solving thorny problems.

We bring data, research, experience and creative thinking to the table to give you a recommended approach to solving your problem.

Design is a component of our platform


Our team of senior UX researchers, interaction designers and graphic designers have designed interfaces for some of the worlds most respected brands.

We bring a library of proven assets to your project, backed by research, proven through testing, and customized exactly for your needs.

Development is a component of our platform


When it comes to e-commerce, we've built it all.

Our developers have a wide range of technical capabilities. From API integrations, B2B quoting tools, DevOps, or other custom apps, our developers can build whatever you have in mind.

Tools are a component of our platform


We have pre-configured setups for the most popular CMS's, e-commerce platforms, Marketing Automation, PIM, ERP and CRM products ready for customization just for you.