Solution Partner Engagement

The existing processes in outsourced software development are broken. There’s good news, though. We have a way to fix them.

The Solution Partner Engagement is the best choice for organizations that need a subject matter expert personally with them, such as in meetings or for presentations. With a Solution Partner Engagement, you will receive:

  • A complete Solution Refinement Engagement

  • An ROI justification presentation for the recommended solution

  • Availability of an SRE team member to attend an internal presentation of the solution to executives or other stakeholders, in order to answer any questions about the solution.

  • A coaching session for the client’s RFP decision team.

  • Two hours of consultation with the SRE team to answer any questions submitted by prospective implementation partners during the RFP process.

  • A final expert review of the selected proposal by an implementation partner before the project is awarded.

Why an Solution Partner Engagement is Well Worth the Investment

Digital solutions, software, and applications, depending on their complexity, can involve risk for those in charge. If the solution you proposed ends up working, you did your job, but nothing more. If it were to fail, though, it would be considered an impactful event to the company. The good news is that our Solution Partner Engagement acts as insurance against failure. We use our decades of experience and expertise to develop a strategic solution for you. In addition, we'll help guide you through finding the right implementation partner, create a scope of work and RFP, and sit in any presentation in which you need an advocate in your corner.

Our job is to fully identify, elaborate, break down, and wayfind a solution to the technology challenge at hand. During this process, our team completes an detailed analysis of both your company's current situation as well as where you want the company to be after our recommendations have been implemented.

If you need help finding the best solution for your project or opportunity, contact our team. Although our company is focused primarily on healthcare and advanced manufacturing, we have found that this process is valuable across many other areas. We have extensive experience across numerous industries, which allows us to bring the best ideas for any tech-related problem.