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Dave Goerlich

If you have a Ruby on Rails app sending email through Mandrill, you may be feeling a bit squeezed right now. Mandrill’s recent announcement, to combine the service with paid monthly MailChimp plans, caused us some problems with our low volume services.

As a result, we’ve moved several of our applications over to SparkPost.

Integrate with ActionMailer

Our team has released a SparkPost Mailer Rubygem for easy email sending with Sparkpost through Rails. It's easy to configure, as it follows Rails conventions, and it ties in with ActionMailer.

Once you have signed up for a SparkPost account, add the gem to your project with this line in your Gemfile.

gem 'sparkpost_rails'

After a quick bundle install, just follow the simple instructions in the ReadMe:

SparkPost ReadMe

More coming soon

Our team is continuing to develop this gem. Feel free to send your contributions via pull request, or open an issue on Github if you find something broken.

View on Github.

This post was last updated on: Feb 15, 2021.