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The last 10 years have been an amazing start to our company. Dave and I have grown this little startup from a few pennies in our pocket to what it is today. We're unbelievably proud, and sometimes surprised, of what we've been able accomplish in that time.

In that time we've built dozens of websites, ecommerce stores, and marketing products. More than that, we've launched internal corporate applications which have made people more effective at their jobs at some of the worlds largest companies. We've worked with 1-man startups and the Fortune 100. We've built intuitive products for elementary school students, the worlds leading surgeons, and everyone in-between.

Many startups would grow to this point, sell the company, and declare success. Not us -- we're just getting started.

As I regularly say here at the office, this company is here because of our team. It may be the vision that Dave and I put forth, but our business is where it is because of our world class team. They are the ones that bring business in. They are the ones that deliver the products. They are the pillars of which our company sits atop of, and it's their strong ethics and morals that get us through the tough times.

The last 10 years have been only been preparation, and to mark the occasion, today we rename the company to The Refinery.

The word "Refinery" has a special three-fold meaning to us.

  1. Refinery is industrial, and it throws back to our "Rustbelt" roots in Cleveland, OH. We're proud to be headquartered here, and excited to grow the economy.
  2. Our products are "refined." This emphasizes our products which are high fidelity, polished to a high sheen and a cut above the rest.
  3. Most importantly, the process of "refining" software is at the core of our DNA as a company. Everything is about continuous improvement and refinement of mediocre products into great ones.

The past is the past, and as amazing as the journey has been, we all have eyes to a much bigger future together.

This post was last updated on: Feb 15, 2021.