Who We Are

At The Refinery we believe in being partners. When you and your project succeeds, so do we. We build ambitious web applications that never lose sight of the people who use them.

We are a Cleveland based, software development and design consultancy with 10+ years of experience inspiring conversations between our customers and their customers. 

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2016 - Case Western Weatherhead 100
The Refinery named fastest growing upstart company in Cleveland.

World Class Team

... this company is here because of our team. It may be the vision that Dave and I put forth, but our business is where it is because of our world class team.

Amanda Smith
Chief of Staff
Brady Bonnette
Dale Limburg
Director of Development
Dave Goerlich
Jeremy Walsh
John O'Donnell
Developer - Partner
Jonathan McGaha
Jordan Owens
Developer - Partner
Josh Walsh
Chief Executive Officer
Julie Symonds
Director of Marketing
Julie VanWyhe
Matt Blackwell
Business Development
Nate Gilmore
Business Development
Russ Lephew
Suzie F Zack
User Experience Designer
Brian Hart
UI Engineer

Works Well With Others

Most agencies say “yes!” to every opportunity to do work.  We pride ourselves on being discerning specialists, as we know that’s how quality products are built. The partners we work with provide services that compliment our offerings. 

Our partners are highly vetted companies who we work with regularly. They work within our Agile framework and must consistently meet our high expectations to stay involved.  They must act as a cohesive member of our internal team at all times.


Mobile Applications, Web Applications, Research and Design

Boondock Walker

Brand Design, Brand Strategy, Copywriting

Clum Media

Video Production

Capital Content

Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, and Copywriting

Goldfarb Weber

Visual storytelling and filmmaking.

What's In A Name?

The word “Refinery” has a special three-fold meaning to us.

  1. Refinery is industrial, and it throws back to our “Rustbelt” roots in Cleveland, OH. We’re proud to be headquartered here, and excited to grow the economy.
  2. Our products are “refined.” This emphasizes our products which are high fidelity, polished to a high sheen and a cut above the rest.
  3. Most importantly, the process of “refining” software is at the core of our DNA as a company. Everything is about continuous improvement and refinement of mediocre products into great ones.