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Viveve Medical

Viveve Medical is at the forefront of the booming demand for clinically proven women's health and wellness treatments.

Viveve needed to improve the user experience for their global sales force, distributors and community of physicians to interact with several disparate systems that Viveve provides for them.  Their global footprint also required that content be restricted, translated or even changed based on various factors to ensure highly granular international usability, compliance and security. 

Powering Sales Growth

As a well-funded technology startup, Viveve required a significant investment and sales and marketing to grow rapidly.  The Refinery worked strategically with the sales and marketing teams to design programs to attract and educate medical practices and turn them into customers.

A key challenge of this solution was enabling conversation between customers and sales reps, while creating a seamless user experience.   By interviewing internal stakeholders and customers, we were able to build a proof of concept for a new customer portal.

The Viveve Customer portal was a custom designed piece of software built on Ruby on Rails, which connected several pieces of software via single-sign-on.

The Results

Working closely with Viveve's team of technology partners and their digital marketing group, The Refinery developed and implemented a mobile responsive, single sign on user portal.  This provided streamlined access to invite physicians to Viveve's CRM, learning management system and community of practice systems, resulting in higher levels of physician engagement with the various tools Viveve provides for them.

  • Rescued a failing integration project
  • Implemented a custom Ruby on Rails application for calculating return on investment
  • Created a universal single-sign-on application between several 3rd party applications, including

“The Refinery salvaged a large and very visible project for me after a previous vendor failed to deliver. With great skill, attention to detail and exceptional project management we were able to get back on track and produce a deliverable that far exceed me and my company’s expectations. Their technical abilities are second-to-none. It is their work ethic and service level that really sets them apart. 

The company genuinely cares about you and the success of the project! Often times in meetings, I will casually mention another problem I need to solve and with in a day or two Refinery has proposed a solution! Their idea is never long and complicated, it’s an elegant and FAST solution. The way they manage their projects, by providing dedicated resources, means they deliver quickly, efficiently and correctly the first time. I love the 2 week sprints!!!! The Refinery goes WAY above and beyond at every turn. They simply are the best partner!”

Kristi Ashton, Viveve Medical