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Duck Brands

Duck Brands, the iconic national brand behind Duck Tape, Frog Tape, T-Rex Tape, Bubble Wrap and the creative pioneers behind the Duck Tape Prom, engaged with The Refinery to build a modern digital marketing platform.

The Technical Agency Partner

Duck Brands was looking for a new type of agency, a technology partner, who could expand the capabilities of traditional marketing software.  Just as importantly, they needed an agency open to collaborating with their other creative partners to build a cohesive experience across all channels.

The Refinery's relationship with Duck Brand is focused around results more than projects. As part of that effort, The Refinery has spearheaded a number of critical marketing and development efforts, including:

  • The conversion of all their major brand websites to a common, modern content management system
  • Integration between the marketing websites and an internal product catalog
  • Integration with tools for displaying 3rd party online ratings and reviews
  • Integration with direct to consumer ecommerce platforms.
  • Automatic tools for calculating materials needed to pack before a move

The Results

A relationship built on chasing the highest value.

The ongoing relationship between Duck Brands and The Refinery continues to bear fruit.  Key factors of success so far include:

  • Our new technology infrastructure saves Duck Brands more than 50% of their ongoing hosting costs.
  • Moving to a modern content management system increases our capability for integration with other products, while decreasing the licensing costs by tens of thousands of dollars each year.
  • Publishing a new content management library for driving new business through content marketing and social media.

“I've worked with a lot of different vendors and partners in my career.  I definitely think their account management, attention to detail and customer service is one of the best I've ever seen.”

Lisa Hudak - Senior Digital Marketing Manager