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The COMS Daylight IQ application is focused on helping skilled nursing facilities assess and provide the best care possible for their patients.

Prior to our involvement, the COMS product was visually dated and customers were complaining about it being difficult or laborious to work with.

We started the project by observing 11 nurses individually in person while they used the current COMS product to accomplish their jobs. This gave us a baseline understanding of the product's strengths and weaknesses from the perspective of the end users.  Through user observation, we learned that nurses were not using the application the way our client thought it was being used. This lead to an overhaul of the current design so that it would work with the user rather than against them. After restructuring the information into logical groupings along with changing screens and architecture to fit the new process, we tested the product with the nurses we had observed earlier. Based on their feedback, we measured our results and made further refinements before we released a beta version.

The Results

COMS was able to retain valuable customer relationships as a result of the product re-engineering and credits the redesign of the application as being instrumental in their lead generation efforts and subsequent turnaround.

Furthermore, showcasing the redesigned product at an industry conference ended up generating over 300 new sales leads for COMS. Not only was this a substantial feat, but it represents the largest number of leads the company has ever generated at one time and exceeded their full-year lead generation goal — and it happened over 4 days.

“Showcasing version 2.0 of the product at an industry conference ended up generating over 300 sales leads.” 

– Bill Stuart - President & COO​​