CCF Debra Ann Autism Center

Cleveland Clinic

Helping Doctors Diagnose Autism


The Center for Autism at the Cleveland Clinic is a state-of-the-art facility designed specifically to provide diagnostic treatment based on applied analysis and intensive educational programming.


We partnered with Cleveland Clinic to develop complicated software which helps doctors to diagnose autism in children.


Complex Algorithms
Advanced Coding

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Understanding the Problem

The Cleveland Clinic wanted to create a new program that would help doctors to confirm a diagnosis of autism in children. This would be accomplished through the tracking of eye movements during various clips or images.

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Key Solutions

We needed to create a program that could properly compute the right data based on a patient's eye movements and package it in a user-friendly design. It would also be important to run a multitude of tests to fine tune the data.

Final Results & Takeaways

The Refinery prototyped, designed, developed and launched new technology to aid doctors in the diagnosis and treatment of autism in children. The success of this project was achieved through real-time evaluation of biometric data from the patient in a clinical setting.