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Digital Strategy

Architect new technology & digital solutions to serve the needs of your users.

Driven by What the User Needs

At The Refinery, all technology needs are driven by user feedback. By first acknowledging the needs of the people who use the products, we are able to optimally architect a solution to fit those needs. This is in stark contrast to the standardized approach of building technology solutions that abstractly fit the data being collected.

A common example of this is building a dashboard of KPI’s (key performance indicators) used to measure the effectiveness of an organization. While many "off the shelf" solutions look at the gathered data and then draw graphs of that data, we do the opposite. By first understanding what issues or situations need a solution, we are able to draw the graphs prior, then engineer systems to gather the specific data needed.

Pricing Performance Report
Pricing Performance Report

Integration with Multiple API’s

As a result of this user driven approach, our products often require data being collected in multiple pieces of software. For example, connecting the sales data in a CRM with the manufacturing data in an ERP system into a single view.

Custom solutions like this provide reporting functionality not found in out-of-the-box systems, giving the users unparalleled insight into the company's operations. Utilizing these custom reports creates a competitive advantage over companies that struggle to measure their own effectiveness.

Single Sign On

More often than not, a user's experience is hindered greatly when they are required to login across many different systems. Using the latest in SSO technology, The Refinery can build a configuration to allow a user to sign in once, giving them access to all supporting tools. This increases productivity and lowers the amount of tickets for lost passwords handled by the support team.

Custom Software Extensions

Ever find yourself missing a key feature in the software you've acquired? The Refinery has the knowledge and ability to build extensions to software, creating new capabilities that exactly fit your needs.