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How & Why Our Web Design for Ecommerce is Different

Have you ever noticed how similar so many ecommerce websites are compared to each other? Sure, they may have different colors, images, products and other variables, but take these elements away and you’re left with very similar layouts and structures. The reason for this is many ecommerce website solutions offer the same (or very similar) templates for online stores. They generally do a good job, but what if changing how customers interact with your website based on who they are and what you are selling could increase conversion rates and sales?

Thinking about questions like these is why we tend to stay away from traditional “one size fits all” ecommerce templates and setups. Every business we work with differs in some way or another, even if they happen to sell very similar products. That’s why traditional ecommerce website templates (although they tend to work adequately in most cases) aren’t completely optimal solutions for your customer experience.

Our process BEGINS with understanding your customers as well as your target audience. This includes:

  • Who they are
  • What they want or need
  • How we can make their experience excellent so they keep returning to your website in the future

Our first step when designing an ecommerce store starts with our Path to Purchase analysis. Completing this analysis gives us valuable data and insights into how customers interact and buy from your current website. We discover the strengths your current website has as well as uncover obstacles and other blockers that are hindering your store’s sales potential. Once we understand the behavior of your customers and what their expectations are, we can begin constructing an optimal path to purchase. This will be the core element when we begin the design process of your new ecommerce website.

The Important Elements of Successful Ecommerce Websites

Through plenty of research and decades of experience, we’ve noticed that almost all successful ecommerce websites share the same important elements, no matter what products those companies are selling online. At a high-level, these elements include:

  • Brand messaging and presence throughout the site
  • Easy-to-use navigation
  • A clear, understandable categorical structuring
  • Filtering functions that make it easy for customers to find what they’re looking for
  • Detailed product information containing these 7 Essential Elements for Product Pages
  • A simple shopping cart and checkout process
  • Evident differentiators and advantages about why the customer should buy from the company
  • Excellent product imagery not only on the product pages, but all through the site, especially real world usage and scenarios
  • A seamless way for customers to contact customer service, whether that be via phone, chat or form
  • Solid and reliable functionality

A customer’s time is important to them, so it should be important to you too. Providing customers an effortless way to find what they are searching for, get all the information they need and seamlessly purchase products is the core focus of any successful ecommerce business. When Jeff Bezos developed Amazon, he understood this so much so that he had his developers working tirelessly to eliminate as many steps as they possibly could in the checkout process, and he wasn’t satisfied until Amazon had a completely optimal customer experience.