We are the new owners of ReadMore

We are the proud new owners of ReadMore, the iOS application built by Jonathan Penn at Navel Labs. Jonathan has been a long time friend and colleague of D-I and we are excited to acquire this application from him.

Jonathan called us earlier this year to let us know he no longer has the time to dedicate to this app. While it's a profitable endeavor for him, it's becoming a distraction in his current career, and that's not fair to his customers.

We're thrilled he has endorsed us as the new caregivers of this application. It's been his baby for many years, and we intend to care for it as our own.

We understand the value of ReadMore.

Our team are avid readers. Some of us enjoy reading, others not, and ReadMore is valuable to both camps.

Most of the members of our team were beta testers on the original app a few years ago. Our own Brad Colbow was the illustrator of the app icon and some UI elements. I was even the "idea man" behind the pause/resume feature.

We have an intimate understanding of this app and what value it brings to you. We're looking forward to continuing to improve on it.

What is the future of ReadMore?

For now, the application will continue to work as it does today. We will assume the customer support responsibility and will ensure it continues to operate smoothly.

We also intend to change the business model around it in time. While the apps functional purpose will remain the same, it will see a design overhaul and other updates in the future.

How soon? We're apprehensive to say. We need to get our heads around it more before we can commit to major changes. We will keep the app running, but it may be quite some time before major updates arrive in the store.

If you have questions or concerns about this acquisition, please contact us to discuss them.

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